Wild Swim and Hike Week in West Crete

8 Days

Swim and Hike West Crete

Discover the beauty both above and below the surface with this active wild swim and hike holiday.

Get your dose of Vitamin Sea for the year with a week of swim-xploring in West Crete. Enjoy the full body experience of swimming in the stunning clear blue water, along rocky coastlines, natural sea pools, around historic relics, into spooky sea caves,over seagrass meadows, around headlands to hidden bays and, finally circumnavigating a small offshore islet.

Crete isn’t just known for its sea and beaches, so for a full experience we also take you overland: hiking gorges, forests, trails, through olive groves and along old villagers paths to really appreciate the amazing natural environment of this varied and fascinating island.

Our experienced guides share the benefit of years of local knowledge, leading us to lesser known spots and hidden gems, so you can enjoy the best Crete has to offer.

Whole body experience, immersed in nature.

Small, personal groups.

Breath-taking scenery, unforgettable experiences.

Scheduled dates (2023)

3th – 10th June 2023 | From €1,290 | Single supplement +€145 | 8 spaces left

17th – 24th June 2024 | From €1,390 | Single supplement +€185 | 7 spaces left

1st – 8th July 2023 | From €1,390 | Single supplement +€185 |10 spaces left

23rd  – 30rd Sept 2023 | From €1,240 | Single supplement +€145 | 1 space left

30rd – 7th October 2023 | From  €1,240 | Single supplement +€145 | 8 spaces left

Other dates are possible, contact us for availability!

See our Accommodation & Booking Notes

Get a preview of activities in West Crete on our Youtube Channel: “Fit in Crete Manu”


Spend a week wild swimming in the sparkling, clear blue Cretan sea.

Hike through gorges, forests and sand dunes between open water swims accompanied by experienced local guides, then satisfy your appetite each day with freshly cooked, delicious local specialities.

We are flexible.
We have fixed dates but you can ask us about coming on your preferred dates.
We offer multi-day tours that include accommodation, but if you have your own favourite place to stay, we can organise just the activities, ask us.

Join us on one of our scheduled dates in 2023 or contact us to book this trip for your own dates.


We consider swimming as a way of exploring the beautiful natural surroundings we find ourselves in. Swims range in distance from 1.5km to 4km. The swim length and speed is decided together, based upon ability levels, usually after the first introductory swim.

Most of the planned swims are able to be adapted to different ability levels, although a base level of fitness and swimming ability is needed. Some prior open water/wild swimming experience is useful, but if you are a regular pool swimmer and can swim continuously for at least 1km you will enjoy the swims on this itinerary. We’ll have breaks during and between activities.

Activities & routes listed in the itinerary are weather dependent. We will always try to stick as close as possible to the itinerary but the activities and may be rearranged or substituted in case of need.


  • Swim in sparkling blue waters
  • Experience all the scents and sounds of nature
  • Enjoy the wilderness of the famous E4 path
  • Swim along stunning coastlines and natural pools
  • Marvel at the colours of Elafonissi beach
  • Hike the Gorge of Vultures
  • Explore off the beaten path and in little known spots


Day 1 :

Airport transfer from Chania to your accommodation in Kissamos.
Briefing with information about the coming days.

Evening: Welcome Dinner with traditional Cretan fresh food.

Morning: Hike Sirikari gorge, along a partly-shaded narrow footpath. Watch griffon vultures that nest on the cliffs.
Approx. 2 hours walk.

Afternoon: Gentle intro swim in Kissamos bay, over seagrass meadows. 1.5 Km / 45minutes (can be longer). Visit to sandstone seashore fossils and 6 myo hominid footprints. Total: 3 hours

Hike on the old villagers path through Mediterranean maquis, admiring the multi-coloured geological formations. We’ll pass small coves, carob and strawberry tree woods, pebble beaches with rock chapels. Approx. 2 hours walking.

Arriving in the small village of Ravdoucha we’ll stop for lunch at a beachside taverna before swimming along the coastline, passing deep sea caves, old mining pylons, thick Poseidonia seagrass meadows, small beaches and tiny rock chapels before landing on a pebble beach.

2–3.5 Km / 1–2 hours swimming

Total time from the morning, incl. Lunch: 8 hours

Hike remote & beautiful Kambos gorge, on the West Coast, to it's sea exit on a secluded cove. Approx. 2 1⁄2 hours walking.

Then plunge into the deep blue waters for a swim around Cape Crow, following the rocky cliffs to the village of Sfinari, on the Wild West coast. Approx. 1.5km / 45 minutes swimming

Total time from the morning incl. lunch: 8–9 hours

Explore the secret beaches and coves of the West coast. Swim around the coast between natural sea pools with very rich sea-life. See
the only native palm-trees of Europe.

1.6 or 3 Km / 45–90 minutes swimming.
Total excursion time: 4–5hours

Afternoon: Leisure time in Kissamos

Swim out to Limpet island and come back completing the Falasarna triangle in crystal clear waters, brushing the vertical cliffs enclosing the bay.

3.7Km / 90 minutes swimming. (There is a shorter option of 2.5Km / 1 hour swimming)

Total time from morning incl. Lunch: 7-8 hours

Hike along a section of the E4 path into the juniper forest on the South Coast, a semi-tropical setting with sand dunes along the coast.
1-2 hours walking.

Swim Elafonissi, the dreamy pink-sand lagoon with sparkling clear sea.
4.5Km / 2 hour swim. There is a shorter option of 2Km / 1 hour swim.

Total time from morning incl. Lunch 8-9 hours

Day 8 :

All good things must come to an end, and our adventure ends in the town of Kissamos with your last breakfast at the accommodation and then it will be time to say our "see you soons".

We'll transfer you to Chania airport for your flight home, with your head full of the stunning scenes and unforgettable experiences of the last week.


  • Accommodation and breakfast for 7 nights
  • 6 days of guided swim-hike activities around West Crete
  • Airport transfers to/from Chania airport
  • One taverna meal per day
  • Snorkel masks & snorkel wetsuits (if required)
  • Local information


  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Other meals not indicated
  • Personal swimming & hiking equipment (e.g. tow floats, swim hats, wetsuits, towels, hiking poles)
  • Other personal extras

I need to know....

Am I a good / fast enough swimmer?

We try to make sure that everyone feels welcome on our swim trips, and adapt the swims we have planned to the ability level of the group that we have at the time. This does mean that some groups cover more distance than others, but our aim is always to view the swimming as a way of exploring, rather than a race to the end or a training holiday.

Some swimming ability is needed, obviously! Prior open water/wild swimming experience is useful, but if you are a regular pool swimmer and can swim continuously for at least 1km you will enjoy the swims on this itinerary.

If you’re not sure, please do contact us (info@fitincrete.com) or give us a call (00306944413919 – we don’t bite!) and we can suggest whether this trip would suit you.

What do I need to bring?

The main things you will need are:

20-30L Drybag / backpack
(Big enough to carry your shoes, clothes, water, towel etc for one-way swim – hikes. A drybag rather than a daypack is recommended as your bag will be carried by kayak and will get wet. Decathlon have an affordable 20L waterproof backpack. Lomo have a comfortable 40L one. Contact us for more ideas!)

Swim gear:
Swimming goggles x2 (ideally ones that you have tested already!)
Swimwear (consider a long sleeve swimsuit for sun protection)
Swim hats (silicone)
Swimming wetsuit (optional, only usually needed for June)
Tow float with waist strap
Second small drybag for your phone or electronics (goes inside your main drybag)
Lightweight swim towel

Hiking gear:
Suitable hiking footwear (trainers, hiking shoes or hiking sandals)
Sunhat, sunglasses and suncream
Refillable water bottle
Small personal first aid kit
Lightweight hiking wear with good skin coverage

Other stuff:
Waterproof camera (optional)
Casual clothes for free time in Kissamos

Something else is on my mind...

Get in touch!
We are here to answer any question you have, so just drop us a line: info@fitincrete.com
00306944413919 (also WhatsApp)

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Wild Swim and Hike Week in West Crete
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