A Weekend Adventure in West Crete

Mona, Neil & Ahmed came to visit West Crete for a short activity break.
We managed to pack a lot into just a few days!

Our adventure weekend started in the always stunning Rokka gorge. We began near Koleni and walked up the full length of the gorge, finishing in Deliana. Due to the recent rains, the usually dry riverbed had some muddy & wet sections, which involved more climbing than walking to avoid wet sludgy feet. By the end we were all a bit muddy but happy, especially after some delicious food in Deliana! The steep cliffs, narrow passages and vultures overhead didn’t disappoint for a great start to our epic weekend.

Next, on a beautiful sunny Sunday, we headed over to Falassarna to snorkel around an underwater shipwreck – the first time any of our group had seen anything like that. Kitted out with wetsuits – even though the water was a balmy 22°C – and since the group were confident swimmers, they decided to challenge themselves with a swim to Petalida island as well. A total swim distance of 1.3km! After the deep blue waters in the crossing, we could admire the underwater rock formations and the different fish swimming near the small island, before heading back to practice dip diving around the shallow shipwreck.

For our final excursion, we followed the weather down to Elafonissi, where we launched our kayaks. A short paddle through the lagoon – to be amazed by the colours, white and pink sands and clear turquoise waters – then on around the picturesque rocky coast to the beach of Kedrodasos, completely uninhabited on this November morning. Feeling up for more adventures we decided to continue on to the next cape, where a quick swim stop revealed shallow underwater rocks and many parrotfish! Offshore winds made the return a bit choppy and we were all happy to be back in the calm lagoon after some hours in the kayaks.

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