Perfect Springtime Activities in West Crete

Spring is one of the most beautiful times to visit Crete, and also the perfect time to get outside and explore the natural beauty of this island.

Things to do in West Crete in spring | Part 1 | E-bike edition | ?

Spring is a great time for bike riding in Crete. Roads are still quiet, the sun is shining, but it’s not yet overly hot. Flowers are bursting into bloom everywhere, and after the wet winter, the scenery is lovely and green. What better way to explore than on two wheels?

E-bikes ? are an ideal way of getting around in Crete, especially for casual cyclists, given the frequency of hills around here! That little extra help makes the difference between an enjoyable ride and an unforgiving climb, but the silent electric motor doesn’t spoil your connection to the beautiful natural surroundings.

Fit in Crete offer both e-bike guided tours and daily rentals. We can suggest interesting places/routes for you based on your interests, or help you plan a whole itinerary of different cycling routes for your stay in Crete.We can also arrange delivery of e-bikes in both Kissamos and Chania area, on request.

➡️ It’s important to know that we are not always in the office, and have a limited number of bikes available (still waiting on a new shipment!). So to avoid disappointment it is best to contact us in advance, at least a day or two before you want the bikes.

Things to do in West Crete in spring | Part 2 | Kayak edition |

Actually it is possible to kayak all year round in Crete! Spring is a really nice time for kayaking, especially on a bright sunny day, when the clear waters reflect the perfect azure of the sky. The beaches are quiet and the coastline is ruggedly stunning, as always. The cool sea breezes mean you can enjoy the sun without overheating, and on a still, warm day you might even feel brave enough for a quick swim at the end of your kayak tour!

There are hundreds of miles of coastline to explore just in West Crete, and so much to see: from towering cliffs with nesting seabirds, to spooky multicoloured sea caves, hidden natural pools and fantastical rock formations. Plus there is the incredible scenery in the background: Crete’s stunning mountain ranges and gorges. The colours of the sea itself are beyond anything you can imagine, impossible to describe or even capture with a photograph.

The sea temperature is still pretty chilly in April – May, so it is important to dress correctly for kayaking and sea activities. Fit in Crete have a selection of neoprene wetsuits and various items of protective clothing for customer use, so you can enjoy the kayak tour feeling safe and comfortable.

We use sit-on-top kayaks, which are very stable and easy to use, making our kayak trips suitable for all ability levels. It is important to tell us what kind of experience you have with kayaking, so we can suggest a tour that you will enjoy!

Another important consideration is the weather. We plan our kayak trips around the weather forecast for that week, as it is not always possible or advisable to go out. So to avoid disappointment, always contact us as far in advance as you can and keep in mind that you might need to be flexible with dates and times to get the best experience. We always put safety first and cancel or rearrange trips if the weather is not suitable for an outing.

Things to do in West Crete in spring | Part 3 | Hikes and Walks edition |

Hiking is always fantastic in Crete! However, springtime is when the island really sparkles. The temperatures in April and May are ideal for walking, and many routes offer a nice balance between sun and shade. Water is usually plentiful in this period, so rivers are often in full flow, and the vegetation is responding to the spring warmth by blooming, green and colourful.

Orchids and other rare flowers grow wild in the gorges and fields of Crete, and the skies are filled with migratory birds, returning to Europe from an African winter. The semi-wild herds of goats and sheep are roaming, often adding bleats of newborn kids and the sound of goatbells to the background sounds of babbling water and chirping from the birds.

Crete offers a range of terrain and scenery. There are hundreds of gorges on the island of differing difficulty levels and length. West Crete is home to one of the mountain ranges of Crete, the Lefka Ori, with the highest peak of and in West Crete alonePachnes at 2,453m ASL. The long-distance E4 path runs along the South coast of the Chania region, passing some of the most beautiful beaches and scenery on the island. Many hikes in Crete are well marked, others less so.

Fit in Crete checks a number of routes at the beginning of each season, so you have the security of knowing that any route we suggest will be passable. We offer both guided and self-guided walking options, and have many other routes that we know that are not yet on our website! So do ask if there is something particular you are interested in. We can also plan a full itinerary of different hikes for you, or help you with logistics, such as transfers to the start or from the end of hikes.

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