Snorkel for beginners: the sea life of coastal rocks

October 13, 2020

Enjoy the sea life, explore the dark cave, swim around the cape and see the structure left in the water from an old iron-ore mine.

On this excursion we go visit another world, the dark dimension of a hidden cave at sea level. After we re-emerge into sunlight, we will look at the rich sea-life with new eyes!

We will also have time to explore some mysterious pylons planted by the cliffs in the water and hear their story.

Tuesday 13th October, 12:00am. Meet in Kolymbari or Kissamos.

Snorkel to a sea cave in Kissamos bay

We provide guide in the sea with visibility float, neoprene short wetsuits, snorkel gear. 25€/person.

You need to be able to swim 300m. The activity is weather dependent.

Please book in advance.
Contact Manu:

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