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Fit in Crete

At Fit in Crete we want to seize those moments.

Live those days, when we have widened our eyes at the beauty surrounding us.

We strive to get a little closer to nature and restore the balance of hours and days in our lives a little more in favour of the outdoors.

It is not easy to escape the built environment. Even leisure time is so often wholly artificial. We can embark on an adventure together.
Let us leave our concrete houses, our immediate thoughts, our closed gyms and daily worries behind.

Let us go walking, breathing, cycling, snorkelling, hiking, swimming, kayaking, exploring. Let us live outside.
Under the sky, by the sea, in the sun.

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73400 Kissamos

Crete, Greece

GNTO License number: 1042E70000231801

Phone: 0030 6944413919