Lionfish in Falasarna, Crete

Plenty of fish in Falasarna!

Today we went snorkeling in Falasarna by the WWII shipwreck. There were lots of fish to see!

Besides some of our usual friends, like the Cretan parrotfish, various types of sea breams and wrasses, damselfish, red mullets and others, we had a couple of pretty cool sightings.

One with a very big fish, a leerfish that must have been about 1m long! A solitary predator scouting around the bay as we were leaving the water, swimming gracefully just below the surface. Then we spotted a lionfish, peacefully floating near the bottom between some rocks.

Conditions were so good that we had a look between the rocks out of the bay, by some steep cliffs just out of the water. There are some shallow submerged rocks strangely devoid of vegetation but very rich in fish!

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