Riding an e-bike is a natural and easy way to explore your surroundings,
and what better place to be outside cycling than in Crete?
You will be able to truly enjoy the island’s beauty, while at the same time being grateful for the silent electric motor helping you up the many hills and mountains in this rugged landscape!

E-bike Rental

E-bikes are great!
You can explore the wonderful scenery of Crete and actually have the time and breath to enjoy it!
Smell the scents, hear the birds, breathe the air, feel the wind, ride to freedom.

E-bike Day Tour

We will take you off-the-beaten-track on our guided e-bike tours.
Together, we will discover the secluded corners of Crete that we have got to know, away from the crowds and near the sun, sea and natural beauty.

E-bike Multi-day tour

We will take you on long tours to discover the multiple facets of the beautiful island of Crete, from the mountains to the hills and the coastline.