Snorkel to a Sea Cave

A guided snorkel to the mystery of a sea-level cave and to old iron mine ruins.

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  • Snorkelling time: 30-60 minutes
  • Total time: 2½ hours
  • Swimming distance: 400-600m
  • Difficulty: for all swimmers who have used a snorkel before

Hike & Swim: This swim combines perfectly with our Villager’s Path walk
(Discount for booking together Villagers Path + Sea cave Snorkel = €55)

Enjoy the sea life, explore the dark cave, swim around the cape and see the structure left in the water from an old iron-ore mine.

We go in the water from a natural rock pool, swimming along the coastline. Around a rocky outcrop, we discover a crack in the earth and we go investigate. We enter an otherworldly dimension, deep in the dark with the light playing in a myriad reflections until we get to the bottom and we need a few minutes to adapt to the darkness. We exit to see the sky again. We continue to see some more caves above sea level. Then we swim past a local landmark, where tall WWII pylons are still standing in the water, from the time when they were mining iron ore in the hill and transporting it down to the sea. We swim back to shore. We exit the water, get dry and have a snack, before driving back.


  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Guide in the sea with hi-visibility float
  • Safety Briefing
  • Swimmer's snack

To be comfortable swimming with mask and snorkel in calm water for 400m.

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Snorkel to a Sea Cave
From €35
/ Adult
From €25
/ Child 12 - 16 Years old