An adventure in South-West Crete

We went out for the first weekend of full freedom, no more paperwork or phone tracking to get out of the house for the first time in 8 months!

And we hit the South coast.

A wonderful calm day in Paleochora, blue sky and wispy clouds. We launched sea kayaks from Gialiskari beach and doubled Cape Crocodile. We stopped in Lissos where we had a beach picnic and a good swim.

Then on to Sougia, where we spent the night. The small village is waking up from the long winter torpor and gives the first signs of life.

On Sunday morning, we entered the green world of Agia Irini gorge. We walked up in the pine woods, we saw the Cretan feral goat Kri Kri effortlessly hopping on the vertical cliffs.

We climbed on the path along the rocky wall sides, exited at the top by the mountain cool river water.

A great weekend, taking in the beauty of Crete from the sea and close to the heart of the earth.

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