Ebike Omalos in the Snow

Ebike ride in the snow covered White Mountains

The mountains called, we responded!

It’s been a pretty mild winter in Crete, without too much rain or cold weather.

But last week, Medea arrived in Greece as well, and the Cretan mountains got a good snow cover.

So we went for some exercise: we took our e-bikes and rode up towards Omalos, the high plateau South of Chania.

The snow piled up on the road side from about 800m a.s.l., the roads were clear, the scenery spectacular. In the first two hours, we saw exactly zero people and cars.

From Omalos we took a little detour, up and South, to the observatory looking over Sougia and the South coast.

A fun ride, partly in the snow as the road wasn’t completely clear, rewarded by superb views.

The colours were so intense, the sunlight, the reflections, the forest, a brilliant day on the e-bikes.

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