Introduction to Wild Swimming

Discover an amazing world of colours and sensations that await you.

Take your first steps into wild swimming  with this guided introduction to sea swimming in West Crete

Some topics we’ll cover:

  • Feeling confident in the water.
  • Understanding your body’s natural response to water and breathing techniques.
  • How to swim more efficiently so you feel less tired.
  • How to choose a good water entry point.
  • Safety tips and equipment.
  • Weather and water conditions to be aware of.
  • Fascinating creatures you might see underwater, plus how to recognise those to avoid.
  • How to choose a mask or goggles that fit you.
  • How to adjust and prepare your mask/goggles to avoid common issues like leaking or fogging.

The activity is weather dependent.


An accessible session to introduce you to open water – sea swimming safely and comfortably.

  • Total time: 3 hours
  • Swimming distance: up to 1km (depending on your ability level)
  • Difficulty: medium – for comfortable swimmers.

NB: This is not a swimming lesson. You need to be comfortable with swimming basic strokes (e.g. front crawl &/or breaststroke) and breathing while swimming. We will guide you through the differences between swimming in the pool & moving to the more unpredictable element of the sea, as well as providing our local experience of safe swimming spots and conditions.


  • Guide in the sea with hi-visibility float
  • Safety Briefing
  • Swimmer's snack

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Introduction to Wild Swimming
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/ Adult
From €15
/ Child 12 - 16 Years old
  • Meet in Kissamos or Falasarna
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