The rugged, beautiful coastline of Crete has it all: world-famous beaches with spectacular colours and secluded coves hidden along the rocks.
Explore it the natural way, on e-bikes, snorkelling or kayaking in the sea, hiking along the trails.

E-bike Tours & Rentals

Riding an e-bike is a natural and easy way to explore your surroundings,
and what better place to be outside cycling than in Crete?
You will be able to truly enjoy the island’s beauty, while at the same time being grateful for the silent electric motor helping you up the many hills and mountains in this rugged landscape!


Take your time and get close to the real nature of the island of Crete.
Walk on paths used by villagers before motorized transportation, deep inside breathtaking gorges, up to ancient hill-towns dominating the landscape, taking in the views of the surrounding sea, hills, valleys and mountains.
Wild flowers, impressive vultures, Mediterranean vegetation, geological formations, historical sites, secret springs. All within reach of a few hours walking!

Nordic Walking

Sea Kayak

On the sea. In the sea. Do it all!
We head out into the blue, using stable sit-on-top sea kayaks and explore the fantastic coastline of West Crete. Admire the cliffs, navigate through shallow rocks, marvel at the clear blue sea then jump straight in to cool off!

Swim & Snorkel

Snorkelling is an easy way to enter a new dimension, the underwater world.
Let’s discover together the beauty hiding just out of sight: shoals of fish, historical shipwrecks, seagrass meadows, spooky sea caves and more. Tours for all ability levels.

Wild Swimming

Jump right in the element and swim.
Crystal clear water with amazing visibility, breath-taking routes along rugged coastline, secluded beaches, pink sand, sea life, all part of the experience!