Moray Eel while snorkelling in Falasarna

Snorkel with sea life in West Crete

On this beautiful August day, we went to Falasarna beach for snorkelling twice, once in the morning and again in the afternoon.

The North wind was blowing pretty hard, and we had some close encounters with some notable fish and other sea life.

In the morning we saw a big moray eel, not far from the WWII shipwreck which is our usual snorkelling destination.

In the afternoon, as you can see in the second video below, we saw big shoals of fish. Then we spotted two lionfish, a Lessepsian species recently introduced into the Mediterranean sea through the Suez canal. This was the first time I have ever seen it in Crete. We also spotted a big live triton shell on the shipwreck itself. Then, just before coming out, in the very shallow water, we spotted a cornetfish, another Lessepsian species. All documented in the videos below!

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