Ebike Falasarna 19

E-bike to Falasarna early spring

Spring is in the air. The first flowers are out. The almond trees have been in blossom for a few weeks already. Nature is calling, and we answer.

On this warm day, we took an alternative route to Falasarna beach. First we rode via side roads in the Gramvousa area. Then we continued on a dirt track going North.

Here we were on the crest, with views to the West coast on one side and to Kissamos bay on the other. We took photos and went on to find the paved road again. We descended to the beach and passed just behind the sand dunes.

Then we found another remote way up, on a wide steep track in good conditions ascending to the back of Platanos village. In the end we rode downhill through the quiet roads in the next valley, to get back to Kissamos before lunch time.

A good day out, about 35 Km with a fair amount of up and downs and impressive views.

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