Kayak by Chania lighthouse

Kayak into Chania harbour – The old town from the sea

We took advantage of one of the many great winter days to go with our sea kayaks to Chania.

We started from Chrysi Akti, with Miltos and Mihai and paddled along the Chania coastline, watching the city from the sea.

The neighbourhoods rolled by, Kladiso, Nea Chora. The famous lighthouse served as a good reference point to aim for. In the background, the White Mountains covered in shiny snow.

The sea was a mirror. It wasn’t too early in the morning but Chania town takes her time to get up and moving, it was still pretty quiet inside the old harbour. The Venetian pastel coloured houses on the seafront were resplendent in the glittering sunlight. It’s only February, yet the sun is already clamouring to heat up this island.

We caressed the sailing boats moored along the jetty and made our way out to continue Eastwards. We discovered hidden sandy shores just inside town, forming between the imposing city walls and watchtowers.

With the shallow kayaks we played amongst the rocks close to shore passing Koum Kapi, Halepa and Tabakaria. After a quick break at the ‘Kouloura’ in Halepa, we paddled back taking a straighter line.

On the way back, we stopped on Lazareta islet just off Nea Chora beach for a swim. A small circumnavigation to complete the day, swimming around the islet, about 700m, in crystal clear water.

We mused about doing a full moon paddle into the harbour, how magical would it be.

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