Sea kayaking in West Crete – Winter 2023/24

We had a good, warm, calm summer full of sea adventures.

And yet we are always hungry! Keen to go out kayaking and swimming also in the quieter, cooler months of the year.

We plan to go out kayaking on day trips 1-2 times a month, between November and April-May. Preferably with some sunshine, but subject to availability!

The invitation is open for anyone to join. If you are in Kissamos, Chania or West Crete in general.

We will likely plan only 4-5 days in advance at most, with the latest weather forecast.

We will post it on our calendar of activities.

Do get in touch if you’re interested.

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  1. All looks great ! We’re planning to kayak from Voulolimni to Ag. Nikolaus and back tomorrow, Friday 14th. Any latest forecast, for there ? Looks settled at the moment. We tried a few months back, but sea was far too rough, never even started ! Best wishes to your family.

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